Artist Statement

“At a young age, I learned to make textiles from the women in my life. I grew up during the craft revival of the 1960’s surrounded by pioneer quilts, dainty trousseau embroideries and Mexican folk art, . Through family travels and interests, my childhood eyes also feasted on a colorful diversity of ancient indigenous craft in museums and ethnic textiles on the streets of far away places.

My passion for cloth was expanded at the California College of Arts & Crafts in Oakland California where I earned my BFA with an education not only in textile techniques, but also the world history of textiles and ethnic costume.

I spent many years as a production craft artist specializing in hand sculpted, stitched and dyed wearables and working my way up to exhibiting with the American Craft Council.  I returned to one of a kind weaving and drawing around 2000, just as progress provided the digital Jacquard loom.

My hand woven and hand dyed textiles feature traditional ikat technique contrasted with hi-tech digital Jacquard elements capturing  original drawn and photographed images. I love color, pattern and movement.

I am interested in the area between drawing and weaving; the power of the image in the sensual medium of cloth, the way the drawing becomes like weaving, the layers of line and color producing undulations of form.”

Copyright © 2015 Sarah Mays-Salin