Ikat (pronounced ee-kaht) is a traditional method of resist dyeing threads before they are woven in order to achieve a particular pattern or image within the finished cloth. tying ikat Threads wound to measured length are bound to resist color at pre-planned intervals and then dyed. Accidental or intentional shifting of the threads on the loom, give the characteristic “feathered” edges between colors.ikat

This technique has arisen and traveled independently in many indigenous textile traditions throughout the world where it is know by many different names: jaspe (translated as spirit) in Central and South America, abrbandi (binding clouds) in Central Asia, e-gasuri in Japan. Ikat is the Indonesian version, in some places there it is considered magical and small scraps are eaten for curative value. In the last few years it has become popular to imitate ikat in printed fabrics (hmmm...art imitating craft.) Now you know the difference, pass it on.


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